The main objective of the project is to develop an integrated development environment, VAALID IDE, for computer aided design and validation of User-Interaction subsystems that improve and optimise the accessibility features of Ambient Assisted Living services, for the social inclusion and independent living of Senior Citizens.

VAALID project addresses the objectives of the challenge "ICT for Independent Living and Inclusion", with a specific focus on the Objective ICT-2007.7.2: Accessible and Inclusive ICT, target outcome b) New methods and tools for computer simulation of the user interaction and computer-based validation frameworks.

The main goal can be splitted into several important and particular sub-objectives:

1.-Development of the 3D-Immersive Simulation Platform (VAALID IDE).

The VAALID IDE is aimed at providing ICT designers with a useful computer based tool that allow them to address the challenges that they have to deal with, during the iterative processes of AAL user-interaction systems design, in all its stages. The main Scientific & Technical objective is to develop the technological platform including authoring and simulation frameworks as well all necessary technical tools, specification models and design methodologies.
Development of the 3D-Immersive Simulation Platform

2.-Evaluation of the 3D-Immersive Simulation Platform.

The second main objective is to evaluate the 3D Simulation Platform over two dimensions: the technical dimension and the functional dimension, incorporating selected representatives of all the target users in the evaluation loop.
Evaluation of the 3D Simulation

3.-Definition of an exploitation plan and IPR strategy for the business opportunity after the end of the project.

The third main objective is to set up the initial conditions and framework for the effective exploitation of the project results, which effectively contribute to the creation of new opportunities for European industry and promotes global leadership in inclusive ICT.