Project Details

Full Name: Accessibility and Usability Validation Framework for AAL Interaction Design process.

Contract number: 224309

Contract type: Collaborative project (generic)

Research Area: ICT-2007.7.2. Accessible and inclusive ICT

Total budget: 3.734.172 euros

Funding: 2.737.493 euros

Coordinator: Instituto de Aplicaciones de las Tecnologias de la Informacion y las Comunicaciones Avanzadas - ITACA

Start Date: 1st May 2008

Duration: 36 months

End Date: April 30 2011

Project Organization

Following the principles of user centred design, the project has been structured to include iterative phases of design/development and evaluation to ensure the fulfilment of the project objectives.


The first phase is devoted to the definition and specification of the VAALID Platform components. User requirements will be gathered and design solutions will be developed in a first round of prototypes that will be presented to main users and stakeholders to validate the appropriateness of the proposed solutions. Main milestones of this phase are:

Month 3: User requirements for VAALID Platform D1.1

Month 12: First version prototypes


The second phase will include the evaluation of the first prototypes; results will be incorporated in the specifications and final implementation will be carried out. Milestones are:

Month 15: Recommendations for VAALID Platform improvement

Month 27: Prototype of VAALID Platform


Last phase will be devoted to validate the project outcomes across different stakeholders. First, the whole VAALID Platform will be technically tested to ensure its correct operation and then user validation will be done to assess the complete user experience.

Month 30: Operative VAALID Platform

Month 36: VAALID Platform evaluation results