VAALID Guitar Project Software

VAALID project aims at creating new guitar tools and teaching methods that facilitate and streamline the process of creation, design, construction and deployment of musical education solutions in the context of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) assuring that they are accessible and usable for senior citizens.
VAALID Project.

Why Guitar Lessons And Learning Guitar Is Important

This goal will be achieved through the development of an integrated development environment (VAALID IDE) for computer aided guitar lessons and validation of User-Interaction subsystems that improve and optimize the accessibility features of musical theory and development of young musicians wishing to learn how to play a string or acoustic instrument. Module one will focus upon Spanish Guitar TABs and the theory of guitar music with a running time of 37 minutes on chords.

How The Course Is Structured

acoustic guitar standThe results of these guitar lesson projects will support the design of an AAL solution in all the stages of a user centred design methodology, putting in practice the guidelines for the verification and validation of the accessibility and usability facets when learning a musical instrument. The simulation environment is composed by acoustic guitar software and allows the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) designer to test and define future scenarios of chords, chord progressions, chord shapes and their musical scale relationships. AAL in a virtual environment, getting involved the final users with the design process that helps them to improve on musical instruments as quickly as possible.

Key Points To Remember Before Learning How To Play A Guitar

  • guitar can be played as either an acoustic or electric instrument
  • electric guitar requires more investment since you have to buy and amplifier
  • changing strings and tuning your guitar can be difficult for novice players to do
  • buying a cheap guitar is often best when you're a beginner
  • listen to famous guitarists such as BB King, Steve Vai and Jimi Hendrix

The new VAALID tools will help the European industrial guitar players, ICT companies specialized in Human Factors of songs and User Interaction design, Research and Academia in streamlining their respective business with regard to products and services for the Independent Living and Inclusion, creating new market opportunities.


14/07/11 Orlando, Florida, USA "HCI International 2011"
26/01/11 Berlin,GERMANY "4th German AAL Congress"
30/11/10 Prague, CZECH REP. "VERITAS Workshop"
12/11/10 Malaga,SPAIN "AmI-10 Ambient Intelligence"